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Innovative Energy Consulting Pty Ltd (“IEC”) and its predecessors – Australia based Innovative Energy Australia Pty (in operation from 1996 to 2000), and Canada based, Innovative Energy Consulting Limited (in operation from 2000 to 2007), has been serving the energy industry of North America and Australia since its inception in 1996. IEC’s founder, Glen W. Gill, offers clients a wealth of experience, a creative approach to assignments, proven leadership and sound commercial acumen.

IEC offers innovation and creativity to an energy industry that has historically focussed on technical skills rather than commercial, a project mentality that often ignores larger opportunities, short term problem solving rather than creative business development and a focus on operations as opposed to building the future growth platform. From the development of innovative strategies and solutions through to their successful delivery, all of IEC’s work and support is based on deep sector insight and expertise supplemented by the creative process.


Innovation builds market leadership and competitive edge, changes competitive dynamics and transforms a good performer or asset into an aggressive competitor or platform for growth, as the case may be. Glen Gill has a track record of founding, sponsoring and championing numerous innovations in the petroleum industries of North America and Australia. Bringing good ideas to fruition quickly is the key to his success in adding significant value to previous employers and clients. Some of these accomplishments, such as the development of the AECO gas storage and pricing hub in Alberta, are recognized as significant milestones of successful change. Many have led to major transformations of the regional energy industry both in terms of how business is performed and how profit margins are created and shared by stakeholders and market participants.

Innovation remains the focus of IEC and is a feature that distinguishes IEC from its competitors. This feature tends to restrict the number of clients that are interested in IEC’s services as the client’s corporate culture must embrace an entrepreneurial style in order to be interested in innovative based advice. Mr. Gill has worked for some of the best companies in the global energy industry and IEC’s consulting clients tend to be those who are not satisfied with following and/or do not find solace in joining the herd of companies in their peer group.

Einstein once stated: “No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it”. Whether problem solving or creating opportunities and strategy, Mr. Gill uses a well honed systems thinking approach and encourages companies and their personnel to undergo paradigm shifts in order to see opportunities in what is often referred to as the “white space” in industry. It is from this space that lucrative opportunities are generated into high growth business plans.


Energy has long been recognized as one of the key components to the creation of comfort, prosperity and wealth in developed countries. Glen Gill is recognized as an expert in the natural gas industry and he has substantial experience in electricity and other forms of hydrocarbon energy. Glen believes that the application of innovation to the energy industry has and will continue to create radical and disruptive improvements in the industry. Those energy companies who embrace such innovation will prosper and gain competitive advantage.

Privatization, de-regulation and increased competition have created major discontinuity and upheaval for companies but all have led to significant increases in productivity, consumer value and regional prosperity. The pending globalization of the gas industry is but an evolution of these changes. A performing asset can quickly become a liability under these circumstances. As “free” market forces begin to operate in any industry, the value chain typically increases and margins migrate around the chain more freely and often more dramatically – leading to increased volatility. Those companies that have anticipated and planned for change soon overtake those that rely upon traditional rhetoric and maintaining the status quo. Historically, such change offers unprecedented opportunity for new entrants and unprecedented challenge for incumbents. IEC has a track record of assisting both new entrants and established incumbents in this regard.


Glen Gill has been offering consulting services to clients in North America and Australia via IEC since leaving BHP Petroleum in 1996. During that period he did, from time to time, accept various full time leadership positions for former clients that requested he implement his recommendations to them concerning major business development opportunities. Such clients include Lend Lease Infrastructure, Emera Energy and Moneta Energy Services.

IEC is extremely customer focused with the objective to add significant value to its clients rather than generate voluminous reports or create a dependency on consulting services. Assignments must be challenging and clients must be willing to challenge the status quo of both industry and company practice. IEC is fully aware of innovation and business development killers that may exist within organisations and takes the time and effort to identify and address these issues. IEC focusses on timely value generation for clients through advisory and implementation services. The duration of any given assignment is dictated by the needs of the client and each and every client to date has expressed that they received good value for the services rendered, whether the duration was in excess of one year or as short as a few months. Many clients have elected to continue with IEC’s services for periods in excess of a few months, thereby reflecting on the value of those services.

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