Adelaide Energy Limited

  • Acting as an agent for ADE, conducted a sale process for the disposition of 5 depleted reservoirs located in southeast SA for the purpose of development into underground gas storage.

AEC International (now Encana)

  • Overview of the gas industry in Australia and an assessment of the commercial viability of underground gas storage development in various depleted gas fields
  • Commercial viability of underground gas storage development in Australia – assessment of current facilities and future prospects
  • Assisted Houston Energy Group in the preparation of a comprehensive entry strategy
  • Assisted Houston Energy Group in the preparation of a comprehensive entry strategy

Allgas Energy Ltd (now Energex)

  • Assessment of the anti-competitive behaviour exhibited by Santos in various dealings with Allgas Energy Ltd

Coastal Gas Australia

  • A market assessment associated with the opportunity to purchase and develop the offshore Yolla gas field

Delta Electricity

  • Presented an overview of the Eastern Australia gas market

Eastern Energy

  • Opportunities and risks in the re-structured energy market

Emera Energy

  • Evaluation of natural gas and liquid storage in salt caverns
  • Establishment of an energy trading / fuel procurement floor with state of the art processes and equipment
  • Divest of 50% Working Interest in CBM interests
  • A member of the acquisition team that evaluated and bid to purchase Statia Terminals – oil trans-shipment facility
  • A member of the acquisition team that evaluated and bid to purchase a power generation asset in New Brunswick
  • Led a team that conducted a feasibility study to construct a power generation plant onsite for Stora Enso

Enbridge Gas New Brunswick

  • Participated in Strategic Planning process and conducted a natural gas supply study


  • Assessment of various Gas Supply Reports regarding the long term competitiveness of the proposed PNG gas supply contract

Energy Users Association of Australia

  • Assisted with an evaluation of the issues associated with the proposed acquisition of Origin Energy by British Gas

Enron Capital & Trading

  • An assessment of Victoria’s gas industry re-structuring and privatization plan and the identification of opportunities

Forcenergy Australia (now Forest Oil)

  • Led all of the marketing activities associated with a large CBM play
  • Participated in the regulatory process in NSW regarding open access to the distribution and transmission systems

GLNG Project/Santos

  • Introduced the history, popularity and merits of the overseas midstream model to Santos and assisted them in soliciting interest from several overseas companies for the development of the proposed gas pipeline and compression infrastructure associated with the GLNG project.

Houston Energy Group

  • Assisted with an assignment for the Government of Queensland regarding a proposed Townsville to Gladstone gas pipeline
  • Assisted with the Gas Strategy report for Tarong Energy
  • Assisted with a Gas Market Study of Australia for Tri-Star Petroleum
  • Assisted with a study for the SA Government regarding Financial Assistance for the Minerva to Adelaide gas pipeline project associated with the SAMAG mining project
  • Assisted with a Western Australia Gas Study for AEC International

Incitec Ltd (now Incitec Pivot)

  • Assistance in a submission regarding the economic regulation of the gas distribution system for the state regulator
  • Performed an extensive gas pipeline benchmarking study as evidence for a submission to the national regulator regarding the Eastern Australia Pipeline

Lend Lease Infrastructure

  • Feasibility study of establishing an energy trading operation
  • Assisted in the preparation of the winning tender to construct a gas fired cogeneration plant at the BP Oil Refinery in Brisbane
  • Gas Procurement Strategy for the Carnarvon Basin
  • Led the negotiations to secure long term gas supply for the cogeneration project
  • Performed a study regarding the rationalisation of the gas and electricity infrastructure serving the three largest iron ore mines in the world located in the Pilbara region
  • Assisted in the due diligence regarding the purchase of Clough Engineering
  • Assisted in positioning LLI as a major player in the development of and investment in energy related projects
  • Evaluation of the access principles on the gas distribution system serving NSW and opportunities to bypass it.
  • Evaluated the opportunity to participate in the development of an energy park

Maritimes Northeast Pipeline

  • Evaluation of the commercial viability of salt cavern storage for natural gas proposed for southern New Brunswick

Moneta Energy Services

  • Performed an overview of petroleum storage in salt and depleted reservoirs across Western Canada, developed a low cost entry strategy and identified both green field and brown field opportunities
  • Participated in the due diligence associated with the acquisition of several depleted reservoir storage projects located in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada through various stages of the divestiture process
  • Participated in the due diligence of a salt cavern storage & LNG importation project in the UK
  • Prepared numerous board presentations regarding opportunities to invest in underground gas storage facilities in Western Canada
  • Identified several underground gas storage investment and space leasing opportunities across Canada

OZ Minerals

  • Commercial audit of the long term gas supply contract and the gas transportation arrangments associated with their Century Mine located in the Carpentaria Mineral Province of Queensland

Pacific Northern Gas Ltd

  • Evaluated the feasibility of growing their fuel gas supply business in North-East B.C. Canada into a stand alone unregulated activity
  • Solicited interest from Calgary based E&P companies

Provident Energy Ltd

  • Led the acquisition team responsible for the evaluation of EnCana’s Alberta underground gas storage business and associated trading hub during round 1 of the sale process
  • Conducted an overview of E&P acquisition opportunities in Australia including the investment climate in that country
  • Evaluated the merits of utilizing gas storage in Alberta to improve revenues from gas production
  • Overview of underground gas storage facilities in the WCSB including opportunities and a business plan to acquire, build and lease capacity
  • Overview of the country’s investment climate in general and acquisition opportunities in the midstream and upstream sector of the petroleum industry in particular
  • Assisted with the due diligence of an E&P acquisition
  • Assisted with the due diligence of acquiring a C$700 million gas liquids business from EnCana

Queensland Gas Company

  • Market assessment of New Zealand’s gas industry
  • Identified csm acquisition opportunities in both Alberta and Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Overview of underground gas storage (regulatory, commercial and technical aspects) in both North America and Australia
  • Developed a new world’s best practice Joint Operating Agreement for use in Qld
  • Led the long term commercial sale of csm produced water to a coal mining company in the Surat Basin
  • Led the negotiation with Arrow Energy regarding the finalisation of 3 long term outstanding JOA’s
  • Led the negotiation of a joint development agreement with a coal mining operation in the Surat Basin
  • Completed a comprehensive study on the likely impact of LNG exports from Qld on Eastern Australia’s gas market including the benchmarking of analogous regions that have exported gas and a strategy to manage stakeholders (Government, end users, pipeline companies, and E&P companies)
  • Evaluated the merits of csg acquisitions in both Western Canada and the Maritimes
  • Led an initiative evaluating the merits of underground gas storage in saline aquifers and depleted reservoirs in Queensland
  • Assisted with the mitigation of the ramp gas issue associated with building csg supplies for the proposed LNG export project at Gladstone

Queensland Government Treasury Department

  • Selected as the Gas Expert to conduct a review sufficient to provide assurance to shareholding Ministers that each of five Government Owned Corporations (power generation and retail/distribution companies) had evaluated all aspects of their respective investment proposals and commercial activities related to the proposed $6 Billion PNG Gas Project in a sound commercial manner and in accordance with world’s best practice. Other consultants selected to work as a team were PricewaterhouseCoopers and Morrison & Company.

Riverstone Holdings LLC/Carlyle Group

  • Commercial Advisor regarding the due diligence associated with acquiring a US$1.5 Billion North American under ground gas storage business from EnCana

SAMAG Limited

  • Gas supply advisor for a proposed $400 million magnesium metal and alloy plant and an associated 285 MW gas fired power plant
  • Initiated and assisted in the evaluation of a new gas pipeline connecting South Australia with Victoria
  • Comprehensive evaluation of potential project partners and energy suppliers

Suncor Energy

  • Overviews of gas market, gas infrastructure, regulatory regime, business culture, gas supply, and strategies for new entrants

Tarong Energy, SAMAG Limited, TXU Trading

  • A gas supply acquisition and management Multi-client report

Tarong Energy

  • Prepared and presented a comprehensive overview of Australia’s gas supply

Texas Utilities Australia

  • Overview of energy markets and identification of opportunities presented by energy reform
  • Advisor in the purchase of a gas distribution / retail company
  • Performed a commercial assessment of the first underground gas storage facility located in Victoria and provided recommendations

Tri-Star Petroleum

  • Provide expert opinion regarding the sharing of market intelligence with joint venture partners

Underground Storage Solutions/Subterra Energy Storage/Tellus Holdings

  • Conducted technical due diligence on the Silver Springs depleted reservoir as a possible underground gas storage development prospect and provided technical and commercial advice to a joint venture between Tellus and the APA Group regarding a possible bid to acquire the Silver Springs depleted reservoir from Mosaic.
  • Provided various executive services to the Tellus Holdings group of companies, namely Subterra Energy Storage, GR RockVault and Boree Potash.

Western Power

  • Identification of gas supply contract re-structuring needs in order to conform with the new commercial environment

Wallara Holdings Limited

    • Analysed underground salt structures in the Canning Basin, WA and applied for two mining exploration tenements in the Willara Area;
    • Reviewed the availability of underground salt deposits and structures in NSW, SA, Victoria & WA;

Woodside Petroleum

    • Evaluated the merits of investing in Underground Gas Storage in the Perth Basin
    • Feasibility study of a trans-Australia pipeline connecting dormant gas reserves located in WA to the gas markets in Eastern Australia
    • Provided advice regarding the merits of and various alternatives to entering the gas industry of eastern Australia
    • An assessment of the access principles and economic regulation of the gas distribution system serving NSW
    • An assessment of the driving and restraining forces in play with respect to the proposed PNG to Qld gas pipeline project
    • An assessment of the likelihood and impact of the development of a gas hub at the Moomba gas plant
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