Glen Gill of Innovative Energy Consulting Pty Ltd has published a number of articles, presented workshops for various energy industry groups and presented papers at various energy conferences in both Canada and Australia. Furthermore, he has written many submissions on various energy matters and issues for both regional and national regulators as well as other energy industry stakeholders.

Recognised as an energy industry expert, Mr. Gill has accepted numerous invitations to speak at industry forums in both Australia and Canada.

Examples of these publicly available documents written by Glen Gill:

Conference Papers

The Canadian Experience – Long Term Major Gas Exporter – 2013 Conference
CSM Commercialisation
Gippsland Basin Gas
Spot Market Essay
Oil and Gas in South East Australia
Restructuring Gas Supply Contracts (Presentation)
Restructuring Gas Supply Contracts (Report)
2009 IIR conference on Gas Storage
2010 Future Gas Conference
The Plight of Qld’s Domestic Gas Market – Prosperity or Doom
Gas Storage in Salt Future Gas Conference 2012

Government Submissions

IEC submission to Qld Gas Plan Dec 2016
IEC submission to Commonwealth Feb 2014 regarding gas policy
IEC submission to Qld Gas Commissioner June 2011
IEC submission to WA Office of Energy April 2011
Victoria Natural Gas Access Arrangements
Queensland Access Regime for Gas Pipeline Services
UIWG Consultation
Nova Soctia’s Energy Strategy

Published Articles

Optimising CSG Production Utilising Underground Gas Storage Facilities article published Feb 2016 in Unconventional Gas Magazine
Article for Energy News AIE Sept 2015
Atlantic Canada Commentary
Australia’s Petroleum Investment Climate
Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Underground Gas Storage
Adavale Basin Salt Cavern Storage Potential
Gas Today Australia Article in Feb 2012 Issue

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