Glen Gill


Glen Gill is a seniorĀ Energy Executive/Gas AdvisorĀ  who has worked with a number of world leading companies operating across the gas industry value chain. He has been providing advisory services to companies, industry associations and governments on a variety of commercial gas industry issues and opportunities since the late 1990′s. He has a track record of leading very successful gas supply and marketing operations while optimising assets associated therewith.

Mr. Gill entered the petroleum industry in 1980 as a petroleum engineer (with Schlumberger & EnCana’s predecessor, Alberta Energy Company) but over the past 25 years he has developed an extensive track record of unlocking and optimising the commercial value associated with assets, relationships, commercial gas supply, marketing, transportation and storage contracts and trading operations. Mr. Gill has consistently demonstrated the skill of vastly improving a company’s financial and competitive position through the application of world’s best practice concepts, the transfer of business models and concepts from appropriate overseas regions with an adjustment for local conditions and by the creation of value via new innovative business strategies and operational procedures.

Mr. Gill’s entrepreneurial style and innovative approach has benefitted numerous corporations where he has either led successful multi-discipline teams as a senior manager or executive (Alberta Energy Company, BHP Petroleum, Enron, Nova Scotia Power, Forcenergy Australia and Energex) or where he generated and often assisted in implementing strategies for various clients that dealt with specified issues and opportunities (Governments, large gas end users, pipeline, storage and petroleum companies, private equity and investment and integrated energy companies).

He is a co-founder of a number of companies in both Canada and Australia and he is currently a Director and Public Officer for EnCana International (Australia) Pty Ltd.

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